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Black Holes Won’t Incinerate You, After All

Posted by Ethan Siegel on March 8, 2013

“You wait for a gem in an endless sea of blah.” -Lawrence Grossman

On the one hand, we have General Relativity, our theory of space, time, and gravity.

It describes the Universe on both large and small scales perfectly, from the hot Big Bang to our cold accelerating expansion, from vast superclusters of galaxies down to the interiors of black holes.

But General Relativity doesn’t tell us everything. It doesn’t tell us, for example, about protons, neutrons or electrons. It doesn’t tell us the properties or interactions of matter and energy in the Universe. It only tells you about gravitation: how spacetime affects the matter and energy in it and how the matter and energy respond, gravitationally, to the spacetime they exist in.

But that does include, when an excessive amount of mass/energy gets concentrated in one region of spacetime, black holes.

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