Image Credit: ATK

NASA’s next crewed vehicle, the Orion spacecraft, will utilize arrays that ATK is currently developing.
Image Credit: NASA

ATK’s Lighter, Stronger Solar Arrays to Power Orion

By Jason Rhian

NASA has selected ATK’s MegaFlex™ solar array design under the space agency’s Space Technology Program thru a competition held to develop lightweight, compact, solar array structures. Under this program, ATK received a little over $6 million to develop the MegaFlex™ design. These solar arrays will be developed at ATK’s Space Components Division located in Goleta, Calif., it is hope that they can meet the anticipated power demands of 350kW and higher that is required under the this program.

These arrays need to have a very low mass and to be capable of being stowed in a manner that takes up as little volume as possible. If everything works out they will provide solar electric propulsion for future deep space crewed missions.

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