Image: Saturn V model at the US Space and Rocket Center with Icarus Interstellar Directors Robert Freeland, Richard Obousy and Bill Cress on a particularly chilly Huntsville afternoon.

ASPW 2012: A Report from Huntsville


Richard Obousy, a familiar face on Centauri Dreams, is president and primary propulsion senior scientist for Icarus Interstellar, whose portfolio includes Project Icarus, the redesign of the Project Daedalus starship. Dr. Obousy is just back from the latest Advanced Space Propulsion Workshop and, as he did for the 2010 ASPW, he now offers his take on the event. Although I missed this ASPW, I’ll be back in Huntsville soon for an upcoming conference, and I heartily second what Richard has to say about that Saturn V at the US Space and Rocket Center. It’s not to be missed.

by Richard Obousy

The 2012 Advanced Space Propulsion Workshop (ASPW) was held over three days at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama running from Tuesday 27th November to Thursday 29th November. The conference was sponsored by the Game Changing Development Program under NASA’s Space Technology Program and the Office of the Chief Technologist at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center.

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