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STIG B Program Update – Preamble

Update by Neil Milburn, February 12th 2013

It’s been some time since we did an update on our progress, February 2012 to be more precise, so here is a belated summary of our three STIG B launches. It’s quite a lengthy report so we’re going to split it up into four submissions; this preamble followed by three separate mission reports.


Following the demise of STIG A back in February, we were faced with a dilemma. The fastest way back to flight would have been to build another STIG A, 15” diameter, with just a few tweaks to nudge her over the 100-km Karman line and claim our first space shot. In retrospect this would probably have been a better course of action. Monday morning quarterbacking aside, we decided to build STIG B, a 20” variant, so that we could carry more massive and larger payloads to space. One of the determining factors in this decision was that, even if we could nudge STIG with small payloads into space under a waiver, NASA’s Flight Opportunities Program was mandating that all flights under their banner be FAA/AST licensed flights per 14CFR Part 431. If we had to license the vehicle anyway, we might as well take advantage of the unlimited total impulse … and get our first taste of the license regime.

So, a simple change in diameter with a few enhancements … NOT!

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