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STIG B-II Mission Report

STIG B-II Mission, Saturday November 3rd 2012

Update by Neil Milburn, posted 02/27/2013

The preparation, packing and travel to NM was uneventful. We appear to have the NM border crossing situation under control now and although it takes anywhere up to an hour to get through the Port of Entry, it is at least a formality. We followed the same two day preparation routine with a dry run on the Thursday afternoon and Friday being final preparation and MRR at the NMSA offices. Thursday we had to drill new holes for the launch stand stool to accommodate the rotation required by the IMU problem encountered on the STIG B-I mission.

The seemingly simplest solution to the IMU problem on STIG B-I, rotate the IMU 180-degrees, was impractical because of the tight layout of the bulkhead on which it was mounted.

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