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Inspiration Mars Foundation, a 501(c)3 organization committed to providing a platform for unprecedented science, engineering and education opportunities, while using state-of-the-art technologies derived from NASA and the International Space Station.


Inspiration Mars – a U.S. manned, “fast, free – return” mission to Mars and back to Earth. Coined as “A Mission for America,” this unique, 501-day historic journey around the Red Planet is made possible by a rare planetary alignment that occurs five years from now.


Jan. 5, 2018


The “fast, free-return” mission passes within 100 miles of Mars before returning safely to Earth. The mission will be built around proven low-Earth orbit (LEO) space transportation systems and technologies derived from industry, NASA and the International Space Station that can be modified for this kind of mission and available in time to meet the window. Details include:

* Modified capsule dispatched from Earth orbit with a single Mars trajectory burn

* Launch vehicle based on existing or evolving vehicles currently in use or development

* Additional maneuvers will only consist of minor course corrections, using the gravitational influence of Mars to “slingshot” the vehicle onto a return course to Earth

* Inflatable habitat module will deploy after launch and detach prior to re-entry

* Closed-loop life support and operational components will be located inside the vehicle, designed for simplicity and “hands-on” maintenance and repair

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