An artist’s illustration of the Inspiration Mars Foundation’s spacecraft for a 2018 mission to Mars by a two-person crew. The private Mars mission would be a flyby trip around the Red Planet. CREDIT: Inspiration Mars Foundation


Married to Mars: 9 Questions for Dennis Tito on Private Martian Trips

by Clara Moskowitz, Assistant Managing Editor
Date: 27 February 2013 Time: 01:01 PM ET

The world’s first space tourist, Dennis Tito, isn’t done with space. The American entrepreneur has founded a new nonprofit organization to work toward launching the first manned mission to Mars in 2018.

The flyby mission, which wouldn’t land on the Red Planet, would take advantage of a rare planetary alignment that would allow a speedy trajectory to Mars and back in about 500 days. Tito unveiled the mission today (Feb. 27) at the National Press Club in Washington during the launch of the new nonprofit Inspiration Mars Foundation, which will oversee the audacious project. caught up with Tito to ask him some burning questions about the new private Mars mission.

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