Open-source 3D printed RoboHand changes one little boy’s life

Jan.24, 2013

Richard in South Africa lost four fingers in a tragic woodworking accident. He lost two full fingers and most of his other two fingers on his right hand. He is right handed, and he absolutely needs his hands for his trade.

When he came out of hospital he searched high and low for a prosthetic finger but all he could find was the X-Finger at a cost of $10,000, which is way out of reach.

Richard contacted Ivan Owen, a designer in Washington State who was working on making functional Mechanical hands. No hesitation, the two decided to work together.

Right before Ivan flied to South Africa to join Richard, Richard got new visitors at his home workshop. That was Little Liam and his parents. Liam is nearly 5 years old and was born with Ambiotic Band Syndrome. He has no fingers on his right hand.

His parents drove to Richard’s place and met with him to discuss if there is a possible affordable solution to get little Liam a thumb and some fingers. Ivan and Richard were both already designing and working on designs from 10,000 miles apart to create a functioning prosthetic, no doubt, this became their new mission – to create a solid prototype not only for Richard’s hand, but also for Little Liam.

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