Will 2013 be the year the maker movement, enabled by technology such as low cost 3D printers, goes mainstream?

2013 – time for the New Industrial Revolution?

Published : 3 Jan 2013 3:41 pm by Will Stirling

With a new year dawns the prospect of a new era of manufacturing, where companies mass-personalise their products and individuals revive the garage-DIY mania of the 1980s. Will 2013 see the maker movement reach critical mass?

You would have to be living under a stone to have missed the rise of the “maker movement”, especially in the last 12-months.

In 2012 the Raspberry Pi arrived in the UK, a basic computer motherboard designed to teach children how to build a PC. Chris Anderson, ex editor-in-chief of WIRED, published a book called Makers: The New Industrial Revolution, a eulogy to the growing movement of people making their own stuff.

Universities globally are opening Fab Labs – fabrication or “fabulous” laboratories – where students and paying punters can design, test and make. Articles about the maker movement popped up everywhere and a group of young people in the US made a semi-automatic gun with a 3D printer.

Two industrial phenomena, the maker movement and the mass personalisation of products will receive a lot more scrutiny in 2013.

The maker movement is not new but it is getting big.

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