(Mission: Tommorrow Note: Why does a website devoted to futurism and the cutting edge of science and technology include this article which features a collection of dolphin videos? As we begin to search for habitable exoplanets and intelligent life in space, we have continued to kill intelligent species on Earth. We foolishly treat their ocean environment as both supermarket and sewer, as it is quickly degraded and destroyed. Dolphins, whales, all cetaceans, exhibit a level of intelligence and kindness that make them unique. They are too often victimized in the rush to pursue our own interests. All cetaceans must be protected. If we do not, we commit a crime that cannot be forgiven, a crime of genocide against fellow intelligent beings. — Ralph Schiano)

backofthenapkin/CC BY 3.0

10 Reasons Why Dolphins Are Undeniably Awesome

Stephen Messenger
Science / Natural Sciences
February 1, 2013

In case you haven’t heard, dolphins are awesome. Sure, we come from different worlds and all, but our ocean-going mammalian counterparts possess many admirable qualities and characteristics that endear them to us like few other species on Earth.

1. They Like Dogs

While some animals might consider our beloved canine companions to be clumsy, tail-wagging mounds of hair and drool (I’m looking at you, cats), dogs really are like furry gatekeepers to the human heart. It’s no wonder then, after learning of the amazing camaraderie shared between a white labrador and a wild dolphin in Ireland, you just might start to look upon those majestic aquatic mammals as a friend of a friend.

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